The Paradise City of Creative People

Surakarta City, City of Culture. From the earliest times until now, art and culture are things that never die and stop developing in Surakarta, or famous for the city of Solo.
No doubt, this city is known as the center of Javanese culture. The Surakarta City Government has a role and continues to be committed to continuing to develop culture through various work programs.

Glimpse of Surakarta City

Surakarta is in Central Java Province, Indonesia. The city is also known as the city of Solo. The city of Surakarta has a wealth of culture, be it Art, Culinary, Design, Architecture, and so on. Supported by an adequate network of infrastructure, making Surakarta City easier and more comfortable to visit, even to settle down.

Explore Surakarta City

Travel to Solo

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Event Agenda

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Transportation Access

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The Government

The mayor

FX. Hady Rudyatmo have highly commitment to the art, culture,  and creative sector, especialy for permorming art. 

culture department

In 2018, The government has new departement to maintain and conservate the culture sectors. Te Culture department workarea is handling and manage Databases, Persons, Building, Performance, Event, and many more.

creative economy programme

Creative economy programme is the new highlight of government programme. At least 3 department, travel, industry, and planning department, work together in it. 

“It is a beautiful city of Solo with many sights
The island of entertainment was handed over by a noble
The city of Solo makes memories memorable
Until it can get rid of sadness and sorrow”

Mus Mulyadi, Keroncong Artist

Highlight News

City Government Donates Gamelan

Gamelan  is a Javanese cultural heritage that should be preserved. Surakarta City Government was fully aware of it. Departing from the concerns increasingly fading prestige of the…

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