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Setuponan in Mangkunegaran Palace is a day where art and cultural performances are regularly held at the Mangkunegaran Palace, this event usually performed Indonesian cultural arts, especially Javanese culture. This performance is part of preservation of Indonesian arts and culture which was initiated by Keraton Pura Mangkunegaran of Surakarta. This event is held every 35 days in the Prangwedanan House on Pura Mangkunegaran. On December 9, 2017, Setuponan has been held for the 44th time. Setuponan in Pura Mangkunegaran is a birthday reminder for of KGPAA Mangkunegara IX which was born on Setu(Saturday) Pon, but on certain days such as in the month of Ramadhan, this event can’t be held in Pura Mangkunegaran.

Surakarta’s Village Hall

Public space that dedicated to the society, to increasing public interest in developing their creativity.

Keprabon Village Hall

Keprabon Village Hall provides a main facilities to support creative activities such as sets of gamelan equipment and complete performances. And the Standard facilities that are being provided such as Internet, computer, library, prayer room, parking, disabled access, breastfeeding, canteen, air conditioning, toilet, other facilities. The main activities that will be held here are gamelan music creations and had participated in the International Gamelan Festival, and were supported by groups, communities, or the artist such as the Keprabon Gamelan Group.

Banyuanyar Village Hall

Banyuanyar Urban Village Hall provides a main facilities to support creative activities such as discussion rooms, LCD projectors, dance equipment. And the standard facilities that are being provided such as internet, library, prayer room, parking lot, disabled access, breastfeeding, toilet. The main activities that will be held here are such as traditional dance creations, contemporary dance creations, Banyuanyar Village Hall supported by groups, communities or the artist itself such as  Tentara Manunggal memangunan Desa (TTMD) Banyuanyar, Solo Batik Carnival Foundation.

Over 200 Teacher and Solo Resident join workshop On Writing Cerkak, Story Telling and Writing Javanese Scriptures

SOLO – About 200 teachers, civil servants, students and ordinary people attend Literary Art Workshops at Loji Hotels, on Monday (10/29/2018) and Tuesday (10/30/2018).

The workshop which was held by the Cultural Department of Surakarta brought several material, such as writing and reading Javanese characters, Javanese storytelling and writing Cerkak (Javanese short stories).

The head of the event committee, Maretha Dinar Cahyono, SE, MM in his speech said that the workshop was held to explore, preserve and develop Javanese culture.

“Hopefully this will become a material for strengthening Javanese culture in the midst of the modern era,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Cultural Department of Surakarta, Kinkin Sultanul Hakim, SH, MM, represented by the Secretary, Tutik Mulyani SH, said that the use and utilization of Javanese in the society is a way to strengthen Javanese culture .

“In order for the Javanese culture to exist, it needs to be disseminated in the society” he explained.

One of the real challenges in globalization era nowadays, Tutik Mulyani said, that there are many students who have good grade on foreign language, meanwhile, their javanese language’s grade is less satisfying.

“whereas Javanese is one of the ancestral cultural heritage,” he said.

The workshop presented speakers are Drs Supardjo MHum (art practitioners and UNS lecturers), Drs Hanindawan (art practitioner and writer) and Andi Sri Wahyudi (art practitioners and writers)

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Langen Beksan Nemlikuran Purwakanthi

The Langen Beksan Nemlikuran Purwakanthi activity supported by the Djarum Foundation Bakti Budaya took place at the Surakarta 8 vocational High School Hall, on November 26, 2016. The Nemlikuran event was a routine tourism agenda for Surakarta 8 vocational high school. This also can establishing the relationship between the alumnus and and many great artist from Solo.

Surakarta ‘8’ Vocational High School is a place where every month on the 26 night, there was various types of dance that are performed on the school’s pendhopo. There is many people performing such as the maestros, former bedaya dancers of the Surakarta Palace and Pura Mangkunegaran to students of the Indonesian Institute of Dance (ISI) Surakarta and students of  Surakarta ‘8’ Vocational High School itself.

Usually, in one event there were two or three difference dances from different generations are performed. So, audience is easier on appreciating. Originally, the forum was named Beksan Malem Nemlikuran, which was intended as a gathering place for alumnus of the art school which was once called the Conservatory.

The Javanese dance lovers who are members of Purwakanthi Jakarta want to  appreciate classical Javanese dance, especially in Solo on Beksan Malam Nemikuran event.

Hopefully this can inspire the society, especially the younger generation, to continue working on art and increasing their love and pride as an Indonesian. Loving our own culture is a manifestation of our pride and love for Indonesia, because what unites the nation is culture.

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KREASSO 2018, Students Creativity Event

Kreasso or Kreatif Anak Sekolah Solo (Solo’s Creative Students) is an annual event initiated by Education Department of Surakarta. This event is a place for students in Solo to showcase their activities and creativity. Kreasso 2018 is mainly focused on three things which is, expo, education, and performing arts.

Various creation made by the students were displayed at the expo. One of them is the creation from students of Surakarta‘3’ Public High School. They show their paintings, miniature houses made of wood and miniature aircraft made from styrofoam. “These are all the creations from XI grade students and some miniatures are from XII grade students’s creations, we showcase the creation about paintings because we learn this in school ” said one of the booths committee of Surakarta ‘3’ public High School , Abraham Bagus Mahendra.

Whereas Surakarta ‘6’ Public High School also wont lose to show their creativity. They combine POC (liquid organic fertilizer) made by XI grade students. The process of making fertilizer is quite easy. The basic ingredients are banana humps and rotten fruit. The ingredients are mashed and mixed with leri water, old coconut water, javanese sugar, and E4 bacteria. After everything is mixed, the ingredients are put in a container and let it sat for two weeks. The final process is to filter it and the fertilizer is ready to use.

Afifah, a XI grade science student said”We are from the science class always make this work every year. Beside it’s make you for being creative, we also can sell that and make profit from it”.

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Leather Puppet Performance to celebrate the 274 Surakarta Anniversary

To celebrate Surakarta’s 274 anniversary, the Government of Surakarta presenting Leather Puppet Performance with the title ‘Puntadewa Jumeng nata’ on pendhapi gedhe balekota Surakarta (Surakarta’s cityhall) on Saturday night (16/02). The leather puppet is performed by Ki Purnomo, S.Sn and Ki Agung Widodo S.Sn. And the performance is seen by the mayor, vice mayor and the Government of Surakarta.

Prof.Dr. Sarwanto, S.Kar., M.Hum said that human puppet on Surakarta is getting more interesting for Surakarta’s residents especially for puppet lover, it is even attract foreign tourist to see the human puppet. The Surakarta’s mayor, FX. Hadi Rudyatmo on his speech has said “that human puppet performance with the theme called ‘Wasis Wargane Rahardjo Kotane’ is not just a story, we want solo resident to become a society that are smart, intelligent, and polite” so Surakarta can becomes an advanced, independent and prosperous city.

Travel with Steam Train and Bus Level in Solo City

While visiting the city of Solo, it’s incomplete if you are not enjoying heritage transportation. Traveling with steam train and bus, of course you won’t find it in anywhere other than Solo. Riding Jaladara and Werkudara, is an unforgettable experience.

Jaladara is actually the name of a heritage train given by the God to Prabu Kresna in the puppet story. This name is used as the name on one of the train in the Ambarawa’s Train Museum. Now, the name is used for Solo’s stream train. The name is Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara. Jaladara train uses teak wood as the main fuel.

The nuances of the past were immediately felt, because the Jaladara steam train not only crossed in the middle of the city, but also passed through the rice fields, where it passed through the suburban forest. This iron horse with two CR 16 and TR 144 series departed from Purwosari station to Sangkrah station. Both stations is located in the downtown. If you draw a line, this both stations is in a straight line. Purwosari Station is located in the west and Sangkrah Station is located in the east.

Six Artists Groups Join the Ketoprak Festival

The Gumbregah Youth Artists Community is the overall winner of the 2017 Ketoprak Festival that held by Cultural Departmnet of Surakarta. The Ketoprak Festival is lasts for two days, from 7 to 8 July 2017 at the Balekambang Arts Building. The jury is St Wiyono, Hanindawan and Bondan Nusantara revealed that Gumbregah Youth Artist Community is the overall winner because they have received many awards,  which is the winner of the best artistic, the best male actors, the best presenters and the favorite choice of the audience. Meanwhile the secretary of the Solo Ketoprak Festival committee, Udin UPW, said that there were six ketoprak groups and mostly were teenagers in the seventh event of the year. The best performance was won by Kemasan Arts Studio (Sanggar Seni Kemasan) , Amurba Studio, and Gumregah Youth Artist Community. Other awards such as the overall champion, best actor, best artistic, and favorite champion also achieved by Gumregah Teen Artists. While the best artist won by Amurba.

High School Students Become the Best Young Puppeter in Central Java

Amar Pradopo, a student of Surakarta Public High School was ordained as the Best Young Puppeter in the Young Puppeter Competition at the Central Java Province. the teenager that was born on March 9, 2000 is receiving a pocket coaching money with the total of IDR. 6 million from the organizer.

Head of the Culture Departement of Surakarta, Sis Ismiyati informed, Amar is the representative of Surakarta City in the competition which took place in Purbalingga on Tuesday (05/09/2017) and Wednesday (10/5/2017). “Hopefully, this achievement achieved by Amar will motivate the young generation,” she said on Wednesday (05/10/2017).

Not only motivated the young achievers, the Head of the Surakarta Cultural Service also hoped that Amar achievements would also encourage children, teenager and all the youngster to love traditional arts more.

Sismyati added, in addition to winning the Best Young Puppeter, the other delegateion from Surakarta also received the title of Best Gending Stylist in the event. Just like Arman, not only bringing home the trophy, the Gending artist from the Surakarta Public High School’s karawitan team also received a coaching prize of total Rp 6 million.

Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo appreciated the achievements of the Surakarta City representatives.

Preserving the Culture through Child Puppet Festival

The Child Puppet Festival is one of ways that is used to introduce culture to the children, of course with an uncomplicated an a fun way. Such as fairy tales, traditional games, or by playing traditional musical instruments/ theater, the moral value and the local wisdom can be transferred effectively. This is understood by the Government. Through the Department of Culture , the Government organizes the 2018 Child Puppet Festival event. The goal is nothing but to raising awareness of the next generation about the importance of the national culture. The introduction of culture from an early age provides education to children about cultural diversity that must be respected, so the national cultural norms and value can be inherited to the next generation.