Travel with Steam Train and Bus Level in Solo City

While visiting the city of Solo, it’s incomplete if you are not enjoying heritage transportation. Traveling with steam train and bus, of course you won’t find it in anywhere other than Solo. Riding Jaladara and Werkudara, is an unforgettable experience.

Jaladara is actually the name of a heritage train given by the God to Prabu Kresna in the puppet story. This name is used as the name on one of the train in the Ambarawa’s Train Museum. Now, the name is used for Solo’s stream train. The name is Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara. Jaladara train uses teak wood as the main fuel.

The nuances of the past were immediately felt, because the Jaladara steam train not only crossed in the middle of the city, but also passed through the rice fields, where it passed through the suburban forest. This iron horse with two CR 16 and TR 144 series departed from Purwosari station to Sangkrah station. Both stations is located in the downtown. If you draw a line, this both stations is in a straight line. Purwosari Station is located in the west and Sangkrah Station is located in the east.