11 December 2018

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Posted by admin on February 17, 2014

Solo city currently has a tourism double-decker bus. The bus has a red design and furnished with a comfortable seating. The height of the bus is 4.5 meters in width like another bus in general, which about 2.5 meters.

This double-decker bus just offered to travelers who want to get around in Solo. The point of location such as The Surakarta Palace, Kampong Batik of Laweyan and Kauman, Mangkunegaran, Radya Pustaka Museum, and another number of places. This bus can take tourists as he/she wishes.

This bus that aimed to attract tourists has operated since February 20th, 2011. In addition, it also has function to commemorate the past as known the existence of this bus is still popular. At the first, this bus was a regular bus, in this moment the form of the bus is as tourism bus with package or charter used.

Tickets Purchasing

A passenger can but ticket at the places that have been supplied in retail for 20.000 IDR to go around Surakarta on round trip on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. For the price of rent (charter) the bus with a cost of 800.000 IDR per 3 hours with overtime costs 250.000 IDR per hour. Tenant can also request a bus to stop in a certain places as long as the location is allowed.

The booking ticket was done at the Department of Transportation, Communication, and Information Technology of Surakarta on Menteri Supeno street number 7 Manahan on days and work hours by contacting Indri 0856 4200 5156 or Sandi 0852 2979 0462

The booking is made at least one day before the departure day and must submit a minimum of 25% of the rental price as a down payment.

Contact Person

  • Indri (+6285642005156)
  • Sandi (+6285229790462)