21 January 2019

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Posted by admin on February 15, 2014

If Solo has an extraordinary cuisine, then it is Sambel Tumpang. Its exquisiteness comes from the secret flavor enhancer of this cuisine: tempe busuk, or spoiled beancake. Sambal Tumpang is rich in flavor, with the combination of spicy, salty, fresh, and a bit of sweet taste due to many traditional seasonings used in cooking, such as cayenne chili, galangal, candlenuts, lime leaf, coconut milk, garlic, onion, bay-leaf and brown sugar. Tofu, chicken liver, and boiled eggs are cooked together in the sauce to make a perfect dish to enjoy with rice and boiled vegetables.  Sambel Tumpang has been a very common home cuisine that most of Solonese can enjoy it at home. But for those who want to eat out, there are some famous places to find Sambal Tumpang in the city. One of them is a small shop called Warung Gudeg Koyor dan Ayam Goreng Bu Joyo which is located at Jalan Adisucipto 99 (open from 6:00PM until midnight).