22 May 2017

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Posted by admin on February 11, 2014

Surakarta Palace built by Pakoe Boewono II in 1745 AD . Formerly the capital of the palace is in Kartasura, which is approximately 12 km on the west of Solo. Surakarta Palace contained Art Gallery which stores a variety of historical objects that have historical value and high art. Some existing collections such as heritage carriage, an assortment of weapons, shadow puppets and objects other relic. Surakarta Palace open to the public every day at 8.30 am to 2 pm and Sunday at 8.30am to 1 pm. It closed on Friday .

Physically Surakarta palace building consists of the main building and supporting environments such as Gapura ( gate ) called Gladag to the south. Then there are two square to the north and south of the palace complex . There is also the Grand Mosque and the famous Batik market,i.e. Klewer Market. Kyai Slamet, sacred white buffalo as one of the Surakarta Palace heritage.