11 December 2018

“Becak Solo nyata ra gawe kuciwa…”
Just like the line above, taken from a song entitled Becak Solo sung by Manthous CSGK, meaning “Becak Solo never disappoints,” this traditional cycle rickshaw, unique to Indonesia only, has been a true environmentally friendly public vehicle preserved through many decades. Passengers sit on the provided seats on the rickshaw, and the driver cycles from the back of this vehicle.
In Solo, the existence of Becak appears to be irreplaceable, despite the raising popularity of other modern modes of transportation. Solonese treat Becak not merely as a vehicle, but also as an important element that completes the cultural atmosphere of the city itself, a unique sight to see with its sides decorated with painted batik motifs and wayang characters. It is the perfect vehicle that completes the traditional and cultural experience of traveling around the city; it’s perfect for a leisure time spent to enjoy the view.
Becak can carry two adults and provides a breezy ride, and are easily found near public spots and the main roads, for example in areas of Beteng Trade Center and Pasar Klewer. Fares depend on the distance covered and is relatively cheap. Becak is simply Solo’s true tourist fascination.