24 February 2017

15 February 2014

Serabi Solo (Solo pancake) unlike other regions. This snack is not eaten with sweet coconut milk , because the taste is already sweet and savory . Serabi solo made...

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15 February 2014

Intip is a rice crust that is sun dried, then fried on the hot oil. After cooked, it is spreaded with salt and brown sugar liquid . It tasted because the pollen of rice that collects at the crust...

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15 February 2014

Dawet Ayu Pasar Gedhe is different from other dawet . This dawet comes from cendol that made from rice flour or “Onggok”, black sticky rice, and sweet basil doused...

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15 February 2014

Gempol Pleret made ​​from rough rice flour that made dots of about 1.5 cm in diameter . This dots then doused with coconut milk and palm sugar . Gempol Pleret can be found in front of Abon Varia...

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15 February 2014

Wedang Dongo is a ginger-flavored beverage which is similar to wedang round . Wedang dongo consists of a sphere made ​​from glutinous rice flour that contains mashed beans and sliced ​​kolang...

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15 February 2014

Rambak petis is one of unforgotten snacks  when looking for special souvenirs of Solo . Made from cow and buffalo leather, this snack is processed looks like making...

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