Every destination in Surakarta city

Surakarta Tourism Department

Surakarta City Development has cultural insights in a broad sense, where all components of society in every activity uphold noble values, personality, democratic-rational, social justice, guaranteeing Human Rights (HAM) and upholding the rule of law in a society that has Belief in the one and only God. Main objective : The realization of a capable …

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Cooperative and SME Department of Surakarta

Vision Mission of Surakarta City Cooperative and SME Office The realization of Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that are healthy, independent, competitive in supporting the improvement of community welfare Mission of Surakarta City Cooperative and SME Office Enhancing the Capacity of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Micro Enterprises in institutional, managerial and Human …

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Wayang Orang Sriwedari

Sriwedari Puppet People is one of the works of art that is still sustainable in Surakarta, for artists and artists every night still playing the Mahabarata and Ramayana stories. The Wayang Building is very crowded on weekends, Saturday and National holidays or red dates. For the price of the ticket is very affordable, also available …

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Surakarta’s Village Hall

Public space that dedicated to the society, to increasing public interest in developing their creativity. Keprabon Village Hall Keprabon Village Hall provides a main facilities to support creative activities such as sets of gamelan equipment and complete performances. And the Standard facilities that are being provided such as Internet, computer, library, prayer room, parking, disabled access, breastfeeding, canteen, air conditioning, …

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