City Government Donates Gamelan

Gamelan  is a Javanese cultural heritage that should be preserved. Surakarta City Government was fully aware of it.

Departing from the concerns increasingly fading prestige of the traditional musical instrument, the municipal government then chose to popularize back gamelan early on to the younger generation. No half-hearted, the way is distributed to the entire set of gamelan Junior High School (SMP) in the City Bengawan country.

On January 25, 2019, the division began the municipal government. Is SMP 4 and SMP Negeri 26 Surakarta were lucky to get the drums, gongs, fiddle, zither, bonang and other instruments in the gamelan set.

“The division of the gamelan is intended for children are now able to love again gamelan, musicians, as well as the original culture of Indonesia. Now they are a little away from the nation’s cultural heritage, “said Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo.

Both schools, said the mayor, is the first recipient of the grant set of gamelan. Earlier, the new municipal government share gamelan to kelurahan rated deserve it.

“Year tomorrow, there are two to three junior else get it. If it were possible, then after the division of gamelan in the whole village is completed, the municipal government will focus on distributing the gamelan at each junior high school. “

Rudy, as Mayor familiarly called hope, the orchestra can be useful for students to learn more about traditional culture. According to him, the municipal government did not want a musical instrument or other traditional art lost by time, because nobody else understands let alone preserve it. “Do not let children later electronic gamelan game. Gamelan it remains gamelan, the physical beating. Nabuhnya also wear a sense,  not gaco nuthuk , “he asserted.

Extracurricular was instructed to be held by the school management grantees gamelan. “It will also be used when routine subjects, especially art,” said Rudy.

Yes, despite having to spend quite deep, strong determination to always  nguri-uri  cultural heritage remains one of the priorities of the municipal government. Judging from the data of Culture (Dinbud) provision of a set of gamelan for the eighth and three villages in early 2019 alone swallow a budget of Rp 1.8 billion. “It is okay. Later we are ready to back up budget of USD 4.5 billion for the procurement of 10 additional gamelan instruments, “said the mayor.

If cumulating with the division in previous years, there are now 19 villages and two junior who has a set of gamelan. “Village ketopraknya source already exists, so the orchestra can all be utilized. Other urban village we hope you will keep  the torch blarak , but must continue to consistently preserve this traditional culture, “please Mayor.

Kinkin Dinbud Sultanul head judge added, preservation of Javanese gamelan and traditional art was increasingly asserted prestige of Solo as the City of Culture. Moreover, he argues, the orchestra is not a haphazard cultural relics.

“When the Arabian peninsula featuring tambourine made of leather, European in particular Spain featuring the guitar in the form of wood and strings, the archipelago has been able to show an instrument of metal that is gamelan. If interpreted, since once we are a great nation that is able to fight in the fields of metallurgy, because it can create a set of gamelan, “he said.

Especially for Kinkin, the orchestra has a life force which exceeds the socio-political structure in Indonesia. “Even if the change of government and political leadership, the orchestra remains in the hearts of the people,” he said. (**)

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