Endah Laras

Endah Sri Murwani or better known as Endah Laras was born in Sukoharjo on August 3, 1976. She is known as the singer of keroncong songs, Javanese songs, and became one of the actors in the film Soegija (2012). He is the sibling of Sruti Respati singer.


  • 1996 Students majoring in Karawitan Indonesian Arts College (STSI) Surakarta. But it was not finished because many accepted singing offers.
  • 2009 Get involved in the stage: Superstar Puppet Dewa Ruci at the Tropen Museum Amsterdam, Les Orientales Festival de Saint-Florent-Le-Vieil France, The 13th Suwon Hwaseons Fortress Theater Festival South Korea
  • 2010-2011 Appeared at the Semar Meteng show with Slamet Gundono at the Jakarta National Gallery and at Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA).
  •  2011-2012 Collaborating with Asian artists, including Thitipol Kanteewong, Ronnarong Khampa, and Min Young Woo.



“Keroncong Gemes” , producer Anjar Any (1996)

“Keroncong Jangkrik Genggong”, producer Anjar Any (1997)

“Lela Ledhung, Volume 1” (Nirwana Record, 1997)

“Kembang Kecubung” With Mus Mulyadi  (1998)

“Lega” (dengan Manthou’s) (1998)

Jenang Gula kendhang kempul2 (1998)

“Jakarta-Surabaya” With Boy Suro (1998)

“Andhe Andhe Lumut” (2000)

“Mung Sliramu” (2000)

“Aja Kandha Sapa-sapa” With Cak Dikin (2003-2007)

Gajah Lampung, Bupati Lampung Timur (2008)

“Keroncongkoe”, With musision senior keroncong Kota Solo (2010-2011).


Won the PORSENI competition in the field of dance
The best conductor in the choir competition in Jabotabek (1992)
3rd Singer Champion, Bahana Suara Pelajar West Jakarta (1993)
Best vocalist of the Keroncong Festival between students throughout Jabotabek (1994).