Kirab Boyong Kedhaton Adeging Kutha Sala

Saturday (2/18/2017) Kirab Boyong Kedhaton Adeging Kutha Sala. The carnival that runs from Ngarsopuro Market to the General Sudirman Corridor will be the highlight of the 272th Solo City Anniversary.

No fewer than 135 dancers, 35 professional musicians and 755 supporting personnel will be involved to support the grand performance. This crab illustrates the process of moving the capital city of Mataram from Kartasura to Sala Village, which became the forerunner of Solo or Surakarta City.

Inside the carnival, various fragments or fragments of stories will be presented during the transfer of the capital city of 272 years ago. The fragment is taken from stories written on ancient texts. Therefore, do not be surprised if in the midst of the carnival suddenly a fragment of war between the troops of the army and the palace soldiers assisted by Chinese soldiers was suddenly drawn.