KREASSO 2018, Students Creativity Event

Kreasso or Kreatif Anak Sekolah Solo (Solo’s Creative Students) is an annual event initiated by Education Department of Surakarta. This event is a place for students in Solo to showcase their activities and creativity. Kreasso 2018 is mainly focused on three things which is, expo, education, and performing arts.

Various creation made by the students were displayed at the expo. One of them is the creation from students of Surakarta‘3’ Public High School. They show their paintings, miniature houses made of wood and miniature aircraft made from styrofoam. “These are all the creations from XI grade students and some miniatures are from XII grade students’s creations, we showcase the creation about paintings because we learn this in school ” said one of the booths committee of Surakarta ‘3’ public High School , Abraham Bagus Mahendra.

Whereas Surakarta ‘6’ Public High School also wont lose to show their creativity. They combine POC (liquid organic fertilizer) made by XI grade students. The process of making fertilizer is quite easy. The basic ingredients are banana humps and rotten fruit. The ingredients are mashed and mixed with leri water, old coconut water, javanese sugar, and E4 bacteria. After everything is mixed, the ingredients are put in a container and let it sat for two weeks. The final process is to filter it and the fertilizer is ready to use.

Afifah, a XI grade science student said”We are from the science class always make this work every year. Beside it’s make you for being creative, we also can sell that and make profit from it”.

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