Langen Beksan Nemlikuran Purwakanthi

The Langen Beksan Nemlikuran Purwakanthi activity supported by the Djarum Foundation Bakti Budaya took place at the Surakarta 8 vocational High School Hall, on November 26, 2016. The Nemlikuran event was a routine tourism agenda for Surakarta 8 vocational high school. This also can establishing the relationship between the alumnus and and many great artist from Solo.

Surakarta ‘8’ Vocational High School is a place where every month on the 26 night, there was various types of dance that are performed on the school’s pendhopo. There is many people performing such as the maestros, former bedaya dancers of the Surakarta Palace and Pura Mangkunegaran to students of the Indonesian Institute of Dance (ISI) Surakarta and students of  Surakarta ‘8’ Vocational High School itself.

Usually, in one event there were two or three difference dances from different generations are performed. So, audience is easier on appreciating. Originally, the forum was named Beksan Malem Nemlikuran, which was intended as a gathering place for alumnus of the art school which was once called the Conservatory.

The Javanese dance lovers who are members of Purwakanthi Jakarta want to  appreciate classical Javanese dance, especially in Solo on Beksan Malam Nemikuran event.

Hopefully this can inspire the society, especially the younger generation, to continue working on art and increasing their love and pride as an Indonesian. Loving our own culture is a manifestation of our pride and love for Indonesia, because what unites the nation is culture.

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