Leather Puppet Performance to celebrate the 274 Surakarta Anniversary

To celebrate Surakarta’s 274 anniversary, the Government of Surakarta presenting Leather Puppet Performance with the title ‘Puntadewa Jumeng nata’ on pendhapi gedhe balekota Surakarta (Surakarta’s cityhall) on Saturday night (16/02). The leather puppet is performed by Ki Purnomo, S.Sn and Ki Agung Widodo S.Sn. And the performance is seen by the mayor, vice mayor and the Government of Surakarta.

Prof.Dr. Sarwanto, S.Kar., M.Hum said that human puppet on Surakarta is getting more interesting for Surakarta’s residents especially for puppet lover, it is even attract foreign tourist to see the human puppet. The Surakarta’s mayor, FX. Hadi Rudyatmo on his speech has said “that human puppet performance with the theme called ‘Wasis Wargane Rahardjo Kotane’ is not just a story, we want solo resident to become a society that are smart, intelligent, and polite” so Surakarta can becomes an advanced, independent and prosperous city.