Opera Adeging Kutha Sala at City Commemoration

The Surakarta City Government held various activities to commemorate the 274th Solo City Anniversary. The colossal drama of the Kutha Sala Adeging Opera is the highlight of the anniversary celebration, which was held on the City Hall Courtyard, Sunday (17/2). The event, which was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m., was only opened at 10:00 p.m. WIB, due to heavy rains that never stopped.

Surakarta Mayor FX hadi Rudyatmo appreciates the commitment of colossal drama players who have continued to appear even though the rain has not completely subsided. “It’s called this kind of art, even though drizzling rain must continue to appear,” explained the Mayor.

Adeging Opera Kutha Sala is a colossal dance that tells the history of the founding of Solo City. It became one of the historical stories that aims to remind the community of the story of the founding of Solo City. Besides colossal dance, a series of activities have also been prepared. Among others, pilgrimage to a number of tombs of the founders of the City of Sala, flag ceremonies, lively jenang and wayang kulit performances. All of these activities are a series of themes on the 274th anniversary of Solo, namely Wasis Wargane, Raharja Kuthane.

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