Puppet Boy Mark Anniversary of Studio Soerya Soemirat

Sunday (12/23/2018) Dance Soeryo Soemirat commemorating the anniversary of the 36th year by holding a puppet boy in Teater Besar Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Surakarta. Puppet boy this time bringing the play “Heroine Kridho”, involving 285 dancers. 

In this 36th anniversary theme “Long live Soeryo Soemirat, Unified Fixed Forward, Working in the Notices.” The event opened with a boy puppet Plate Dance and Dance Batik. This scene illustrates that Soemirat Soerya Dance Studio will still work in preserving the art of Javanese culture first dance arts.

The event was attended by KGPAA Mangkunegoro Mangkunegaran IX along with a large family and invited guests. “By convening this kid Puppet horizon further adds to the charm of living in art, in Surakarta,” said Chairman of the Committee Sutrino. S.Sn.

Rector of ISI Surakarta Dr. Guntur, M. Hum in his speech appreciated as high as high above all the efforts that have been made Dance Soerya Soemirat up to 36 years. “This momentum will be keasadaran room together and ISI Surakarta’s commitment to be together with the entire stageholder encourage, promote Indonesian culture”. Her assertive.

While Mayor of Surakarta in remarks delivered by the Head of History and Literature, Department of Culture, an event like this needs to be developed to preserve Javanese culture. “May the dance studio Soeya Soemirat continue to contribute and specifies the optimum benefit to the learning process, to increase public apresisai for cultural arts, and to the realization of the city of Solo as a Cultural city,” he explained.

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