Sarwi Retno Budaya Dance Studio

The Sarwi Retno Budaya dance studio began in 1975 which was founded by Ms. Sarwiyati Hartono who initially taught herself children at home. The material taught at that time included Golek Sri Rejeki dance, Gambir Anom, Minak Jinggo Dayun and Kelono Gandrung. At that time, to pay for the training process each student who came was charged Rp. 100, –
Training days Monday and Thursday. The next development was in 1977 teaching in Danukusuman by gathering children in the surrounding area. Batik dance material, Merak, Pembidang Kidang on the page of Ms. Hadi Suprobo.
In 1980-1987 he taught dance at Surakarta 5 Public Middle School. From 1997 until now he taught dance at SD Kratonan and Semanggi Lor.

The appearance of the name Sarwi Retno Budaya is on the advice and guidance of Mr. S. Maridi, who at that time ordered that anyone who would enter the Maridi Studio in Surakarta Culture must learn from the Sarwi Retno Budaya Dance Studio. In accepting students, the Sarwi Retno Budaya Dance Studio does not attach much importance to the number of students but more to quality.
Sarwi Retno Budaya has been registered with the P & K Office (at that time) since 1985. Many of the Sarwi Retno Budaya Dance Studio students have succeeded in becoming dancers that make the nation’s name a great deal by being used for art ambassadors in various countries. Many of the performances that have been performed at the Sarwi Dance Studio Retno Budaya are either in the form of competitions or Appreciations. In various dance competitions that are often held, the Sarwi Retno Budaya Dance Studio gets the best score at the puppet festival in Sriwedari Wayang Orang Building in 2005 as the first winner, in 2008 the Student Kethoprak Festival on TBS won second place.

Address of Sarwi Retno Budaya Dance Studio on Jalan Bima no. 8 RT 04 RW 02, Serengan Village, Serengan District, Surakarta. Arrangement of the Management Board: Head of the Serengan Sub-District; Advisor: Mr. Soedarto; Leader: Mrs. Sarwiyati Hartono; Treasurer: Mrs. Ratih Retno Harsari, S.Sos; Secretary: Mr. Hartono; Public Relations: Mr. Kelik Andrianto; Coach: Ms. Sarwiyati Hartono, Ms. K. Ester Indrasari, S.Sn, Wahyu Sapto Pamungkas, S.Sn, Achmad Dipoyono, S.Sn, Ibu Erna, S.Sn