Sruti Respati was born in Solo on September 26, 1980. She is a singer who has been involved in the art world especially since Javanese songs. His name began to be known when presenting events as news presenters, music shows, and awards awards.

Art Process

Performing on stage Sruti Respati Bentara Budaya Jakarta (2010),
Appeared at the opening of the 2011 SEA Games,
Involved in the A Masterpiece of Erwin Gutawa concert,
Earth Hour commemoration in the Ngarsapura area, Solo, Central Java
Appeared with Emerald band in Solo City Jazz 2012,
World Wide Fund for Nature / WWF charity concert in Jakarta (2012),
National Christmas Celebration in Jakarta (2012),
Collaborating with Dewa Budjana in the acoustic quartet format with the three other musicians on the Salihara Jazz Buzz 2012 stage
Java Jazz 2012 in Jakarta,
The Javanese Opera titled Selendang Merah was directed by Garin Nugroho in Solo and Jakarta,
Helping several projects by some of Indonesia’s most famous composers, including I Wayan Sadra (Suluk Hijau, collaborating with WS Rendra (late), Sujiwo Tejo (Recognition of Rahwana-Drama Musikal, Bengawan Solo-Tolu One mini album), Slamet Gundono, and Danis Sugiyanto.





– Representing Indonesia, singing one of the best keroncong songs Indonesian composer Bengawan Solo, Gesang, working together and collaborating with musicians and singers from 11 ASEAN countries in Korea.

– Chosen to be an Icon and promote one of the international events in Solo City, Solo International Performing Art 2010 (SIPA 2010).

– Received the title of Ten Outstanding Young Person by Junior Chamber International Solo.

– Ikon Kartini Solo.

– Icon of Putra Putri Solo.