Surakarta, Creative City 2019

As a City of Culture, various performances of performing arts always color the days of Solo residents. Start village-level events, cities and international art performances.

In the city creative paradigm, performance art turns out to be more than just a stage that entertains the public as well as the efforts of the noble culture. The activity must be able to trigger positive impacts on people’s lives, especially economic activities.

“So if it is related, performing arts as one of the creative economy subsectors, must be able to leverage other subsectors such as craft or craft and culinary. And so far, it can work when tourists come to Solo and live in star hotels, they offer various performing arts. Then the culinary endeavors and souvenirs of handicrafts are also lifted, “said Head of Division (Head) of Economic Research and Development Planning Agency, Francisco Amaral.

As a result, since 2015, the development of bak performing arts has a new direction. “Not limited to developing cultural heritage, but in the eyes of ekraf (creative economy) must have a sale value.”

If viewed, at least the allocation of the APBD stimulant funds for the implementation of cultural events, the development of small and medium-sized industrial centers (IKM) in Pasarkliwon Subdistrict, to the distribution of a set of gamelan to urban villages and schools, was called Fransisco as the City Government’s effort to promote performance. Do not miss interacting cultural preservation efforts and economic potential in it, so that it is more beneficial for the community.

Now, the entire municipal business is recognized by the central government. On June 18, the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) won Solo as one of the 10 Creative Districts / Cities (Creative Heads) 2019.

“This can be said as an acknowledgment from the central government, that the management of performing arts in the city of Solo really revives the economic sector of the community,” said Francisco.

The recognition was worthy of being received by the City Government, considering the title as 2019 Creative City was present through a long process. “Bekraf has been monitoring and evaluating (monev) since 2016 through the Indonesian Creative District / City Self Assessment Program (PMK3I). Then followed by assessment and quotes test in 2017, “said Francisco.

The results of the picking test were then continued with monitoring and evaluation since the beginning of 2019. The City Government also offset the series of assessments by including no less than 60 cultural activities from the kelurahan to international levels in the annual calendar event during 2018-2019.

“The 2019 assessment is done by spreading the form, to be filled by the City Government as an element of the government, as well as other relevant stakeholders. Namely academics, business people, and communities. “

The results of filling out the form, according to Fransisco, are really proud. “All art ecosystems in Solo have proven active. So the development of performing arts as a creative economy subsector is not only done by the government. But it is supported by other stakeholders who are known in the ABCG concept (academic, business, community and government), “he explained.

Recognition of the central government is not limited to being vain. However, Solo still needs justification as the City of Culture with all its artistic and tourism potential.

“It must be remembered, Solo lacks natural resources. So inevitably we have to develop creativity. Solo proved to be rich in the potential of human resources (HR). It’s HR creativity that must be able to bring life to the city, “said Francisco.

Therefore, it is not surprising when the Bekraf award does not make the City Government laugh. Accompanied by improving the quality of the performing arts and other creative economic potential, the City Government continues to pursue recognition as another creative city.

“The City Government is recommended by the Indonesian National Commission for Unesco of the Ministry of Education and Culture (KNIU Kemdikbud), to join the Unesco Creative City Network (UCCN) or the Unesco Creative City Network. “The category is city of craft and folk art (city of crafts and folk art),” said Regional Secretary Ahda.

Again, if you can join the UCCN following Bandung and Pekalongan, the image of Solo as a city of crafts and folk art is clearly thicker.

“Solo’s popularity in the eyes of the international community certainly can drive the progress of the city. Branding or image will trigger investment and tourist visits. Of course cultural activities are becoming more famous, along with that image, “said the Secretary. (**)