Vocational High School of Art and Culture of Surakarta

There are several vocational high school in Surakarta city which offered arts and cultural study programs.

SMK Negeri 8 Surakarta

Teacher and student of SMK N 8 Surakarta (img/fb)

Surakarta State Vocational High School 8 (SMK Negeri 8 Surakarta) was founded at the initiative of artists and cultural experts, especially in the Surakarta Palace environment, which was initiated by him GPH. Soerio Hamidjojo (as committee chairman). After everything was carefully considered, the Minister of Teaching and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Number: 554 / K / 3-b, dated July 17, 1950, decided to establish the Indonesian Karawitan Conservatory in Surakarta, which opened on: 27 August 1950. with the name: Conservatory of Karawitan Indonesia (KOKAR). The majors that were opened were: Karawitan Art which consisted of 2 educational programs: Instrumentalists and Karawitan Teachers

In 1976 in accordance with the Decree of the Directorate of Vocational High School Education, Number 0292 / 0/1976 dated December 9, 1976 there was a change in the name of the Indonesian Karawitan Conservatory to be replaced by the Indonesian Karawitan Middle School abbreviated SMKI, namely Educational Institutions that prepare students to become middle-level workers who have knowledge , skills and attitudes as a mid-level artist in the field of musical arts, dance and puppetry.

In 1997 according to the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number. 036 / 0/1997, dated 7 March 1997 concerning the name change of the Indonesian Karawitan Secondary School (SMKI) Surakarta changed its name to the 8th State Vocational Middle School in Surakarta or Surakarta State Vocational High School 8, with the Performing Arts Expertise consisting of four Expertise Programs namely: Art Karawitan, Dance, Art of Pedalangan and Art of Music.

Subsequent developments in the 2008/2009 school year have opened a new program of expertise, Theater Arts.

SMK Negeri 9 Surakarta

PMR Wira SMK N 9 Surakarta (img/fb)

In 1993 the Indonesian government made a program to reduce unemployment, especially among teenagers. Every year it is estimated that 95% of the adolescents are ready to enter the workforce, but only 12% can be absorbed. Constraints faced include the lack of jobs and the lack of skills possessed by prospective workers. It is necessary to find a way out so that high school graduates or equals do not just rely on themselves as employees, but can work alone, independently and can even create their own jobs.

The Ministry of Education and Culture plans to establish vocational schools as a forum for skills education that can fill the workforce or work independently. But this program requires not a small amount of money. Therefore, policy was taken by adding new vocational programs to existing vocational schools.

One of the programs can be realized in the years 1986 to 1987 at the ISMS 8 of Surakarta, with the opening of Kriya Arts to complement the 3 existing departments, namely Dance, Karawitan Art, and Pedalangan Arts. This Craft Arts Department which later became the forerunner to the establishment of the SMSR (SMKN 9 Surakarta)

there was in June 1993 SMSR Surakarta occupies a new building located on Jl. Tarumanegara, Banyuanyar, Banjarsari, Surakarta with learning facilities that are still very minimal, but year after year SMSR Surakarta complements various equipment in accordance with the standards of the Craft Department. On June 18, 1994 the SMSR Surakarta was inaugurated by Prof. Ing Wardiman Djojonegoro by opening 3 Departments namely: Fine Arts, Wood Crafts, and Textile Crafts. Then the 2001 to 2002 school year added one more department, namely the Department of Metal Crafts. Because of the demands of the development of Information Technology, in 2005 there were 2 more majors namely Multimedia and Animation. The Multimedia Department was the first to be established in Surakarta and became a favorite department in Surakarta City until now.

In 2005 at that time the head of the school was Drs. Sudarto, MM SMSR Surakarta name was changed to SMK Negeri 9 Surakarta. After 3 years, the SMK Negeri 9 Surakarta opened 2 majors, namely Clothing and DKV (Visual Communication Design). Then in 2009 the SMK Negeri 9 Surakarta again opened another new department, namely TKJ (Computer and Network Engineering) so that now SMK 9 Surakarta has 9 majors. Surakarta 9th Vocational High School has also won the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and is heading to become an International Standard School (SBI).