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The Paradise City for Creative People​

Welcome to Surakarta City, the Spirit of Java, where traditions, culture, and technologies work together for better world. Surakarta, also known as Solo, is committed to developing creative industries through the exploration of all resources, especially those rooted from traditions and folk arts. ​

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We train children to preserve our culture and tradition,
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Surakarta is rich of cultural values and traditions that apply not only to people in the city, but also to all people in the world. For preservation, we instill the values to our young generation.

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In 2018, The government has a new departement that maintain and conservate the cultural sectors. Cultural department work area is handling and managing Databases, People, Building, Performance, Event, and many more.

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Wayang Orang Sriwedari December

Greetings culture, The following is the admin to share the schedule for the Sriwedari Wayang Orang Performance in December 2020. Don’t forget, watch us every Thursday, Friday…

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Tumurun Museum Has Reopened

The Tumurun Museum has reopened, you know? we can visit the Tumurun Museum on Friday-Sunday. Of course, by always implementing health protocols. For more information, please read the…

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Solo Keroncong 2020

Sunday (11/22/2020), Solo Keroncong 2020 succeeded in entertaining viewers through live broadcasts on the Pariwisata Solo Youtube channel. This event presented several guest stars from Solo keroncong singers, namely…

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Surakarta in a Nutshell

Surakarta, also known as Solo, is located in Central Java, as the intersection of three big cities: Surabaya, Semarang, and Jogjakarta. Surabaya is 2-hour drive; Semarang and Jogjakarta are only 1-hour drive away. Solo also has an airport, serving domestic and international flights, making even easier to reach this city of culture. The area of the city is 44.04 km2, accommodating 552,930 people, 30% of whom are professionals in creative industry, such as dancers, choreographers, composers, singers, musicians, puppeteers, and chefs.
Preserving the heritage of Mataram Kingdom, Surakarta is now rich of cultural values, from which the society is developing creative industries, including arts, culinary, designs, musics, and many others. Surakarta is especially well-known for the performing arts, both traditional and modern, and crafts that accompany the performing arts, such as batik, masks, puppets, and dancing apparels.

History of Surakarta
Fact & Figure

“It’s a beautiful city of Solo with lots of scenery,
the island of entertainment at the edge of the river,
Solo, that makes unforgettable memories,
until it’s relieve your sadness and sorrow.”

Song : “Kota Solo”  by Mus Mulyadi

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