The Halal Bihalal Tradition on Eid Al-Fitr 1441 H Still adheres to the Indonesian city of Surakarta despite the current condition of the world being hit by a covid-19 pandemic. Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Regional Secretary of Surakarta City, Tuesday, May 26, 2020 starting at 09.00 a.m in the Natapraja Room, held a halal online discussion with all Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD). This halal event uses conference technology, because the corona virus pandemic, however, does not diminish the meaning of this event.

The Chairman of the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) would like to wish Happy Eid al-Fitr, apologize physically and spiritually, and pray that the covid-19 outbreak soon ends and the ranks of the City Government are given safety and ease in working. Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Regional Secretary would like to apologize physically and spiritually, keep spirit and discipline in carrying out health protocol during this pandemic.

28th May 2020

Surakarta City Government Celebrates Halal Bihalal Online During Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020

The Halal Bihalal Tradition on Eid Al-Fitr 1441 H Still adheres to the Indonesian city of Surakarta despite the current condition of the world being hit […]
28th May 2020

Puppets (Wayang) Also Wear Masks

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world, and especially in the Surakarta City area, Indonesia really made many changes in various sectors, […]
20th May 2020

You Must Wear a Mask To a Traditional Market

Masks are now certain to be one of the requirements for you if you want to go to the traditional market in the City of Bengawan. […]
19th May 2020

The Indonesian Employee Corps (KORPRI) Cares About Solo Residents Affected by Covid-19

May 18, 2020 City Hall, Surakarta City Employee Corps (Korpri) located at the Pendhapi Gedhe, worked together to help covid-19 affected residents as a form of […]
15th May 2020

The Notoharjo Market Stalls Traders Zone is Closed for 3 Days, Starting May 14 until May 16, 2020

In the Morning at Notoharjo Market, Wednesday (05/13) Head of the Trade Office Heru Sunardi went straight to provide information to traders for holiday selling starting […]
12th May 2020

No Wild Levies Of Assistance In The Community

Milagross Companies and PPNI (Indonesian National Nurses Association) are helping the Surakarta City Government to prevent the impact of covid-19 by providing some assistance. Magnificent Milagross […]
11th May 2020

Jasa Marga’s Concern for Solo Residents in Handling Covid-19.

Jasa Marga’s Concern for Solo Residents in handling covid-19. The company (PT) Jasa Marga Solo Ngawi in the framework of mutual cooperation handling the impact of […]
11th May 2020

Mayor Hands Over Bicycle Assistance to Health Posts (Posyandu)

Located in the Pendhapi Gedhe Surakarta City Hall Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo handed over 130 bicycles to the Healt Posts (Posyandu) through the Family Welfare […]
6th May 2020

Surakarta City Government Support for Indonesian Grab in the Solo Traditional Market

Surakarta City Government gives support to Grab to develop Online Shopping in Traditional Markets. The Surakarta City Government provides support to Grab Indonesia to launch the […]