As a city that is developing towards a metropolis, transportation problems are becoming serious problems that require serious attention. Points of traffic began to appear on various roads in the city. Likewise, traffic accidents also increase. The low awareness of using mass transportation and choosing private vehicles, is not merely because of the people’s fault. Many factors also influence, one of which is the availability of mass transportation capital that is feasible, convenient and safe.

The availability of quality public vehicles in service helps shape public awareness using mass transportation. During this time, the trend that occurs is the streets are increasingly full of private vehicles, while public transportation is actually abandoned.

drg Siti Faridah Wardatul Jannah MSc, President Director of Bengawan Solo Trans Compani (PT. BST) admitted that before PT. BST was formed, fellow city buses were competitors. The expressions of fellow city buses are forbidden to precede, instead what happens on the highway is the opposite. Not infrequently reckless drivers because they have to chase deposits. Deposit seems to be the most important part so often ignores safety. Certainly not without cause. Bus crew salaries are indeed calculated based on deposits received.

The competition among fellow city buses turned out to be unprofitable. Initiated by the Surakarta City Transportation Agency, five otobus companies that have routes in Solo met, discussing to save mass transportation in Solo. The five otobus companies are PO Nusa Bus, PO Atmo Bus, PO Surya Kencana Bus and PO Sumber Rahayu Bus. They also agreed to form a consortium company, named Bengawan Solo Trans Compani  or  PT. BST. “The process is quite long, from the initial initiation in 2011 it was only officially formed in 2013,” said Faridah.

The establishment of PT. BST is in line with the implementation of the Surakarta City Government policy which divides public transport traffic into 14 corridors. PT. BST was asked to cover five corridors, corridors 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. While corridors 1 and 4 were handled by the Damri Public Company.

With BST, now the certainty of time that has been a passenger complaint has begun to be resolved. For example corridor 2, there are 21 fleets to serve the Palur-Kartasura route, headway or waiting time required by passengers between one bus and another bus between 7.5 minutes to 10 minutes. So that it meets minimum service standards.

Not only travel time, BST service quality is also improved. One of them is with the new fleet being operated. BST is made comfortable by being equipped with AC, friendly driver or conductor and a fairly cheap rate in each destination.

The emergence of BST is expected to make people aware of the use of mass transportation and minimize the use of private vehicles so as to reduce congestion, traffic accidents and air pollution.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world like this especially in the city area of Surakarta, the Government had made a policy by restricting access to public places or facilities such as schools, shopping centers, offices, parks, train stations, airport bus terminals and other public facilities .

One example of places where restrictions are placed is on bus terminals where indeed many visitors or passengers arrive from various regions even from outside the city which also coincides with the Eid al-Fitr celebration in 2020. So that public transport buses are restricted and even prohibited from operating during Extraordinary Conditions to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus and raising the slogan “At Home Only”. Indeed, government policy like this is really hard to do but it is very important and even very important for all levels of society in relation to our health. And starting towards new normal at the beginning of June 2020, BST has begun to operate again with due regard to health protocols established by the government. For Travel Friends Come back to visit Solo City by using the BST Bus which will certainly take you to your favorite tourist locations.

30th June 2020

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As a city that is developing towards a metropolis, transportation problems are becoming serious problems that require serious attention. Points of traffic began to appear on […]
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