The Tumurun Museum has reopened, you know? we can visit the Tumurun Museum on Friday-Sunday. Of course, by always implementing health protocols. For more information, please read the second slide & register immediately at


Tumurun Private is a private museum owned by the son of the founder of Asia’s largest textile company (Sritex Company). Iwan Kurniawan Lukminto founded this museum as a form of respect for his father, HM Lukminto, a collector and connoisseur of art. In addition, the establishment of this place is a tribute to Indonesian artists so that their work can be appreciated by the public. The name Tumurun comes from the word Turun Temurun which means to pass down from one generation to another. From this name, you can also see various works of art which turn out to be private collections belonging to the Lukminto extended family. Even though it is private, this museum is open to the public.  Although anyone can enter, there are conditions to roam in this place, namely we must make a reservation in advance. The reason is, the system used is scheduling. Located on Kebangkitan Nasional Street No.8, Surakarta. Before entering the museum, we will also be briefed first by the guide. Because it is private, you can only use the fingerprints of the museum owner and manager to enter the room. This white building has a modern style with a good lighting system and music. Visitors will be guided with a duration of one hour to enjoy the various collections in it. Of course it will be an exciting experience, especially for art lovers. This museum consists of two floors. On the ground floor contains a collection of contemporary art, then on the top floor for a collection of modern art. Art lovers who have the opportunity to visit this museum will have an extraordinary experience. The reason is, they can get to know the original paintings both from within and outside the country more closely. Tumurun itself does not charge any fees or free because the aim of opening the museum is to educate the public, especially the younger generation. Throughout each collection, visitors will be amazed by the works of the artists. There are about 100 works of art on display on the ground floor. There are works by Eko Nugroho, Eddy Susanto, Heri Dono, Eddie Hara, and Entang Wiharso. Apart from paintings, several other installation works were equally impressive. Call it the work of Handiwirman Saputra and Mujahidin Nurrahman. Still on the same floor, you can see an old private car belonging to HM Lukminto, the Dodge and Mercedes Benz brands. Many of the paintings attract attention and even visitors are made to believe the technique or media used. Painting by J.A. Pramuhendra’s title “A Heaven Tale” uses charcoal as a medium for his painting. Meanwhile, Eddy Susanto’s work entitled ‘Melencolia I’ in which his paintings are formed from a series of stories written in Javanese script. We can find not only Indonesian artists, but also foreign works here. There are from Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, and America. Of course, no less epic is seen from its technique, media, meaning, and philosophy. Meanwhile, the upper floors are not open to the public. However, we can still access information from the guide. This is the area for a modern art collection featuring works by old master artists. The famous artworks on this floor include paintings by Affandi, Antonio Blanco, Basoeki Abdullah, Walter Spies, Raden Saleh, and others.

26th November 2020

Tumurun Museum Has Reopened

The Tumurun Museum has reopened, you know? we can visit the Tumurun Museum on Friday-Sunday. Of course, by always implementing health protocols. For more information, please read the […]
26th November 2020

Solo Keroncong 2020

Sunday (11/22/2020), Solo Keroncong 2020 succeeded in entertaining viewers through live broadcasts on the Pariwisata Solo Youtube channel. This event presented several guest stars from Solo keroncong singers, namely […]