Tirtonadi Dam Park or also can be called the Taman Kawruh Tirta Board is a new object in the city of Solo that functions as a center for water education for the community. Tirta Kawruh Park is used as a place to provide information about people’s curiosity about water, rivers and other water resources. Besides functioning as a center for water education, this park can also be used as a place for workshops, discussions or exhibitions and outing classes for students.

The city of Surakarta has a River Gallery which was built in the former Water Gate Tirtonadi building, Gilingan. The gallery, named the Tirto Kawruh Board, serves as a place for learning about rivers. This gallery which has two floors provides various information such as the location of rivers in Surakarta, complete from the estuary to the downstream and the areas traversed.

The construction of the Tirta Kawruh Art Gallery was carried out in conjunction with the arrangement of the Tirtonadi region and reservoir. For the operationalization of the gallery in collaboration with the Sebelas Maret University Surakarta (UNS) and the Bengawan Solo River Region Center. 

The gallery is not a museum but more as an open space provided for the community. The manager will also complement the various activities related to the river. The River Gallery building looks unique. The walls are almost all glass. But not clear glass, but glass that has bright colors. The gallery will look more beautiful at night. Because the combination of lights from inside that makes the gallery so diverse in color. The River Gallery illustrates the layout of the river and the potentials of the river, the aim being that the community is getting closer and closer to the river. So that the community actually takes care of the river, instead of making the river a landfill. Besides containing information about the river, the gallery also provides a location map, as well as the potential of the river. Not only that the Surakarta City Government also built a river monitoring post at that location. The river gallery construction was carried out by utilizing the building in front of the bus terminal which was strategically located. The construction of the river gallery is an appropriate step for the Surakarta City Government to utilize the land along the riverbank to beautify Solo City in the area in front of the Tirtonadi Bus Terminal.

Before the impact of Covid-19 in the world, especially in Indonesia, in Taman Tirta Kawruh Solo Park was often used by citizens, students, students in solo and surrounding cities for sports, recreation and even disaster management training by the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of the City of Surakarta .

In the era of Adaptation of New Habits during the Covid-19 pandemic, we can still visit this park but we must maintain our health by wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizers or hand sanitizers, and obeying health protocols recommended by the government.

24th June 2020

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Tirtonadi Dam Park or also can be called the Taman Kawruh Tirta Board is a new object in the city of Solo that functions as a […]
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