Every art project in Surakarta City

11th September 2019

Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) Event 2019

On this night Thursday (5/9/2019) hundreds and even thousands of people in Solo and surrounding areas, as well as foreign tourists also took part in the […]
22nd August 2019

Sanggar Pedhalangan Serengan

Sanggar Pedhalangan Serengan   Address                                : Serengan, Serengan Established                          : 2000 Contact Person    […]
15th August 2019

Solo International Performing Arts

The Solo International Performing Arts event is never absent every year in providing masterpieces of performing arts for the people of Solo and the world. In […]
15th May 2019

Vocational High School of Art and Culture of Surakarta

There are several vocational high school in Surakarta city which offered arts and cultural study programs. SMK Negeri 8 Surakarta Surakarta State Vocational High School 8 […]
2nd May 2019

Mural arts on Gatot Subroto Street

The big smile from the murals of President Joko Widodo’s face in a store building (Ruko) Jalan Gatot Subroto (Gatsu) in Solo stole the attention of […]
2nd May 2019

Artwork Of Antiquities At Tumurun Private Museum

Tumurun Private Museum is located at Jalan Kebangkitan Nasional RT 02 RW 04, near Taman Sriwedari Solo. As the name suggests, this museum is not open […]
29th April 2019

Music And Lokananta Time Passes

Lokananta is the oldest music study in Indonesia has become an important milestone in the development of Nusantara music. Since its inception on October 29, 1956, […]