Every cultural related article in Surakarta City

29th August 2019

Mangayubagya Warsa Anyar

Mangayubagya Warsa Anyar 1 Suro Wawu 1953 Kirab Pusaka Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace Saturday August 31 2019, at 23:00 pm The Kirab Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat route […]
27th August 2019

Hadrah Music Laweyan 2019

Friday (08/23/2019) at the Museum of the keris, District Laweyan held a hadrah festival which was followed by each village in the region. The event was […]
27th August 2019

Solo Gamelan Festival 2019

Friday (08/23/2019) took place the opening ceremony of the 2019 Solo Gamelan Festival, this event was held for two days on August 23-24, 2019 at Vastenburg […]
15th August 2019

Colossal Opera “Adeging Nagari Republic of Indonesia”

Colossal Opera “Adeging Nagari Republic of Indonesia”. Will be present on August 18, 2019 | 20:00 WIB Place: Surakarta City Hall Supported by more than 100 […]
15th August 2019

Solo International Performing Arts

The Solo International Performing Arts event is never absent every year in providing masterpieces of performing arts for the people of Solo and the world. In […]
15th August 2019

Solo Gamelan Festival

There will be performances from 5 Gamelan groups and 5 Gamelan Composer groups from Surakarta. Supported by performances from Dance Artists, Pedhalangan and Karawitan who love […]
15th August 2019

Interesting event in August 2019 in the city of Surakarta

Many interesting events in the city of Solo during August 2019   *Putra Putri Solo Grand Final  August 3, 2019 | 19:00pm,  Place : Surakarta City […]
6th August 2019

2019 Development Parade

In order to enliven the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, the Surakarta City Government held a 2019 Development Parade with the theme “Diversity in […]
5th August 2019

Haryo, Hanna inaugurated as Putra-Putri Solo 2019

Haryo Tangguh and Hanna Fattala were inaugurated as Putra and Putri Solo. The grand final of the selection was conducted at the City Hall on Saturday […]