Every events in Surakarta City

5th February 2020

Kirab Selo Kerti Culture

Kirab Selo Kerti Culture, Kerten Village was held again. As a form of preserving culture and promoting local cultural wisdom, a cultural title with the theme […]
4th February 2020

The Solo Great Sale (SGS) 2020 Event Has Opened

The Solo Great Sale (SGS) 2020 event was opened on Sunday (2/2/2020) in the Ngarsopuro intersection, to coincide with the Car Free Day (CFD) of Surakarta […]
4th February 2020

1001 Nusantara Dancers Embodiment of Unity in Diversity Performing in the City Hall of Surakarta

1001 Nusantara Dancers Embodiment of Unity in Diversity Performing in the City Hall of Surakarta. Aneuk Naggroe Nusantara (Sansa) Studio is collaborating with thousands of dancers from […]
4th February 2020

Lively Jenang Sala 2020

There will be lively jenang which is awaited by solo residents. Because soon the beloved city of Solo will be 275 years old. Coinciding with the […]
16th January 2020

Solo Great Sale 2020

Hi travel buddy! Soon there will be SOLO GREAT SALE 2020 “Happy Shopping, Happy Shopping” which is held from February 1 to 29, 2020 followed by […]
16th January 2020

Solo IMLEK Festival 2020

Chinese Lunar Year or Chinese New Year is of course very much awaited by Chinese or ethnic Chinese residents in Solo who will celebrate Chinese New […]
16th January 2020

Tradition Towards Chinese New Year Celebration, Through the Launch of Tourism Boat as the Opening of Sudiroprajan Grebeg

Tuesday (01/14/2020) was the launch day of the tour boat as the opening of Grebeg Sudiroprajan 2020. Grebeg Sudiroprajan is an annual event of Sudiroprajan Village, […]
8th January 2020

New Year New Events in Solo City

Watch and liven up interesting events at the beginning of 2020. – GREBEG SUDIRO January 16-31, 2020 The highlight of the event is January 19, 2020 […]
2nd December 2019

Solo Calendar of Events December 2019

Solo Calendar of Events December 2019 – Pepadi Wayang Kulit.  7 December 2019 | 8.00 pm at the Pendhapi Gedhe Surakarta City Hall   – Ramayana Ballet […]