Every destination in Surakarta city

24th June 2020

Tirtonadi Dam Park

Tirtonadi Dam Park or also can be called the Taman Kawruh Tirta Board is a new object in the city of Solo that functions as a […]
5th February 2020

Gelatoku Solo

Here it is a place that is more ngehits and suitable for hanging out and relaxing for young people and families. The original name is Djoeang’45 […]
2nd September 2019

Joho Kampoeng Hepi

Joho is the name of a village in Manahan, Banjarsari sub-district, Surakarta. This village is famous because there are various murals in various corners of the […]
22nd August 2019

Mas Don Art

Mas Don Art   Address                                                : Kemlayan, Kemlayan, Serengan Established                                          : 2007 Contact Person          […]
22nd August 2019

Vastenburg Fortress

Vastenburg Fortress      Address                                : Kedunglumbu, Pasar Kliwon, Solo Established                          : 1832 Contact Person  […]
22nd August 2019

Sanggar Seni Pawiyatan Padhalangan Surakarta

Sanggar Seni Pawiyatan Padhalangan Surakarta   Address                                                : Gang Cepaka 5 no 10, Semanggi, Ps. Kliwon Established                    […]
22nd August 2019

Banyuanyar Village Hall

Address: Adi Sumarmo Street, Banyuanyar, Banjarsari, Surakarta Year established: 2014 Contact Person: Kelurahan Banyuanyar Phone Number: 0271729601 Accessibility: Adi Sumarmo Airport: 4.5 Km Main Race Station: […]
22nd August 2019

Keroncong Pandhawa

Keroncong Pandhawa   Address                                : Sangkrah RT 02 / X, Sangkrah, Pasar Kliwon Established                          […]
22nd August 2019

Balai Soedjatmoko – Bentara Budaya

Balai Soedjatmoko – Bentara Budaya   Address                                : Jl. Slamet Riyadi, Sriwedari, Laweyan, Solo Established                        […]