Creative Economy of Surakarta

The era of globalization and connectivity changes the way to exchange information, trade and consumption from cultural and technological products from various places in the world. The world is a very dynamic and complex place so that creativity and knowledge become invaluable assets in competition and economic development. Creative Economy is a concept that places creativity and key assets in driving the economy. This concept has attracted the interest of various countries to conduct a study of the Creative Economy and make the Creative Economy the main model of economic development.

The term “Creative Economy” began to be known since the global beginning of the book “Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas” (2001) by John Howkins. How the awareness of the birth of a new wave of creativity-based economy after seeing in 1997 the United States produced products of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) obtained 414 billion dollars which made HKI export number 1 in the United States.

The Solo City Government supports the development of the creative economy, by issuing a Mayor Regulation No. policy. 15 of 2017. Regarding the Surakarta City Creative Economy Development Action Plan for 2017-2021.

 The commitment of Solo City in the development of the creative economy is seen by the increasing financial support budgeting for the last 3 years to (Rp. 43,809,524,990) 3,098,340,5785 USD (2018).

 Since 2015, Solo City has facilitated revitalization of infrastructure related to performing arts facilities such as revitalizing the Taman Balekambang area, Sriwedari Cultural Arts Park Complex. Through the support of the government of Central Java, revitalizing the fortress of vastenberg, a heritage building in Joyokusman and the Pura Mangkunegaran palace area where the area is a cultural center area.

Surakarta City itself has many kind of business with Creative Economy concept, those managed by several department such as:

Surakarta Tourism Department

Surakarta City Development has cultural insights in a broad sense, where all components of society in every activity uphold noble values, personality, democratic-rational, social justice, guaranteeing Human Rights (HAM) and upholding the rule of law in a society that has Belief in the one and only God. Read More »

Cooperative and SME Department of Surakarta

In order to achieve the Principles and Functions of the Office of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises in Surakarta City, the organizational units must form a more operational and directed form in the formulation of the goals and objectives of the organization. Determination of the objectives and objectives of the Office of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises of Surakarta City is generally based on the key success factors, this is intended so that the Office of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Surakarta City can achieve its goals and objectives. Read More »

Labor and Industry Department of Surakarta

The Department of Labor and Industry has the main task of carrying out government affairs in the fields of labor and industry based on the expectation of regional autonomy and co-administration tasks. To carry out the main tasks as intended, the Manpower and Industry Service has the following functions: Read More »

Batik Satriya Wibawa

One of the batik patterns worn in a series of traditional Central Javanese (Solo) wedding ceremonies is the “Satriya Wibawa” Batik Pattern. The type of Ceplokan batik…

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Manisha Spice House

Manisha Spice House is one place that provides a variety of traditional herbal medicines in Solo. Located in Samudra Pasai X Street No. 6, Kadipiro, Banjarsari,…

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Sanggar Pedhalangan Serengan

Sanggar Pedhalangan Serengan   Address                                : Serengan, Serengan Established                          : 2000 Contact Person   …

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