The Mayor of Surakarta City Government


Gibran Rakabuming Raka (born in Surakarta City, October 1, 1987) is an Indonesian businessman and politician who has served as Mayor of Surakarta since February 26, 2021. Born as the eldest son of furniture entrepreneur Joko Widodo who later served as Mayor of Surakarta and Governor of DKI Jakarta before becoming President In Indonesia, Gibran started his business by opening a catering business called Chilli Pari. He is also the founder of a martabak culinary company called Markobar.

He is the eldest son of Joko Widodo. Since childhood, Gibran has lived in Solo, but when he was in junior high school, he moved to Singapore to continue his education at the high school level (SMA) in 2002 at Orchid Park Secondary School, Singapore. Furthermore, in 2007 Gibran graduated from the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) and continued his studies to the Insearch program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS Insearch), Sydney, Australia until graduating in 2010. He served as chairman of the Association of Indonesian Catering Companies ( APJBI) Solo City.

In the 2020 Regional Head Election, Gibran registered himself as a candidate for mayor of Solo from the PDI-P Party for the Solo Mayoral Election for the 2020-2025 period and was later elected as the 18th Mayor of Surakarta.

Vice Mayor


Drs. Teguh Prakosa (born in Surakarta, Central Java, 10 November 1958) is a PDIP Party politician. He served as Deputy Mayor of Surakarta for the period 2021-2024. Previously he served as a Member of the Surakarta DPRD for three terms, namely 2009-2014, 2014-2019, and 2019-2024. He is an alumnus of Sebelas Maret University Surakarta in the Sports Education program. He was a Sports Teacher at the Bhineka Karya Vocational School in Surakarta, and was Deputy Treasurer of the Surakarta PDIP Party Branch Leadership Council and Secretary of the Surakarta PDIP Party Branch Leadership Council.